GRP Products

Weather Shields

We produce a number of different types of weather shields to cover and protect electrical switchgear equipment. These covers are designed to fit specific pieces of equipment (e.g. Rayrolle, Brush, Yorkshire Tykes, Long & Crawford, Lucy etc).

Our covers are light, very strong, virtually maintenance free and very easy to lift on and off. We even design the fitting brackets and locking systems.

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Our pillar cabinets provide an ideal solution to replace old metal cabinets to house and protect electrical equipment. These are supplied to major electrical utility companies and other industrial businesses. We can produce these in various different sizes and with two or three door arrangements. All pillars are made of single GRP panels with stainless steel fittings and are light, very strong, virtually maintenance free and offer total protection from the weather.

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Roofs, Doors & Vents

Our GRP roofs are the ideal solution to replace old conventional concrete tile structures and are made of GRP slate effect panels and wood effect gable end panels fitted on wooden trusses.  The roof is assembled at our main unit in Raglan and then transported to site where, it is lifted off onto the building using a hi-ab crane. Our roofs are easy to fit, virtually maintenance free, light weight, but extremely strong, rigid and looks good.

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Our GRP housings are built to our customers design specifications and are a practical and attractive way to protect electrical equipment. The rigid panels, roofs and doors are light but extremely strong, rigid and virtually maintenance free.

We can produce various types, sizes and colours according to our client requirements.

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