Roofs, Doors & Vents

GRP Roofs, Doors & Vents

Our GRP roofs are the ideal solution to replace old conventional concrete tile structures and are made of GRP slate effect panels and wood effect gable end panels fitted on wooden trusses. These are proving to be very popular with the electrical utility companies. The roof is assembled at our main unit in Raglan and then transported to site, where using lifting eyes fixed to the structure, it is lifted off onto the building using a hi-ab crane. Our roofs are easy to fit, virtually maintenance free, light weight, but extremely strong, rigid and looks good.


The roofs are constructed using finely finished GRP panels, various trusses, beams, batons and high quality metalwork. When completed the whole unit weighs less than one tonne. Importantly, there are two heavy duty lifting eyes permanently fixed to the top of the main roof beam making it very easy to lift on or off. Once the roof is placed onto the brick built building, six metal brackets are used to attach the roof unit to the building. This product has a long life span and withstands all weather conditions. Our roof packages are produced for the electrical utility companies and major national builders.

Doors & Vents

GRP doors and vents come as part of our roof package (although they can be purchased individually). Our GRP doors are completely weatherproof and very strong. They are supplied with door frames and stainless steel hinges, lock rods, handles and door stays. Vents can be fitted if required.

These doors are available in any colour and can be made to fit any size opening.