Weather Shields

We produce a number of different types of weather shields to cover and protect electrical switchgear equipment. These covers are designed to fit specific pieces of equipment (e.g. Rayrolle, Brush, Yorkshire Tykes, Long & Crawford, Lucy etc). Our covers are light, very strong, virtually maintenance free and very easy to lift on and off. We even design the fitting brackets and locking systems.

Designed with client requirements in mind

All of our weather shields are designed and customised according to client requirements and specifications. We carry out site visits to ensure all products fit properly.

We also design the fixing brackets, handles, security fittings and lifting metalwork to ensure an easy and safe fitting process.

All weather shields are made to a high standard and are light, very strong and withstand the most severe weather, ensuring complete protection of the switchgear. This helps to prolong the life of the electrical equipment and reduce maintenance costs.


Weather Shield products

Our weather shield products include:-

  •  Monmouth - suitable for the Reyrolle - ETV2,J3/J4, JK/JS (Extensible middle panels are used in a number of configurations, with left and right end panels and an 8.5” infill panel also available)
  • Penallt - a lift on lift off cover suitable for the Brush NSM
  • Trellech - a lift on lift off cover suitable for the Long & Crawford T3/GF3 and Yorkshire Tyke 2
  • Raglan - a lift on lift off cover suitable for the Yorkshire Tyke 2A
  • Tintern - a lift on lift off cover suitable for the Lucy FRMU

Other weather shield covers are available