Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management - Distribution 11Kv Sites

Part of the Vegetation Management Service provided by Kraven Enterprises Ltd is to look after the maintenance of a large number of electrical distribution 11kv sites across England and South Wales. These sites are visited every six months as part of a site management programme.

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Vegetation Management - Primary Sites

In addition to the 11kv sites Kraven Enterprises Ltd also visit many large 33kv Primary and Generation sites across England and Wales.

Many of these are visited as part of a management programme by our experienced and authorised operatives.

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Vegetation Management - Rail Trackside Work

Kraven Enterprises Ltd has a large team of experienced and authorised railway operatives who are able to work on the Network Rail Infrastructure.

Our de-vegetation work has included railway lines and sites across all regions in England, Wales and Scotland. Work has included de-vegetation work and minor tree clearance.

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Vegetation Management - Rail Rope Access

As part of our experienced rail operatives’ team we have specialist rope access staff including supervisors (IRATA Level 1.3). We are able to supply teams of rope access operatives for de-vegetation work and to assist with trackside topographical surveys.

Our teams are able to work in all Network Rail regions across England, Wales and Scotland.

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Vegetation Management - Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is regarded as a noxious weed and has now become widespread across the United Kingdom. In particular it can be commonly found alongside road, railways, rivers and canals. It can grow and spread very quickly and cause a great deal of damage – particularly to buildings and pathways.

If discovered, it is important to treat as soon as possible in order to stop the spread of this noxious weed and to eradicate it.

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