Distribution 11kv Sites

Kraven Enterprises Ltd provide a Vegetation Management Service to a number of large national companies including, electrical utility organisations. Part of this service is to carry out vegetation clearance and spraying work in 11kv distribution substations. Our service can provide ‘one off’ visits or a regular maintenance programme according to client requirements. For the SSE Generation Team we organise two visits per year (in April and September) to their sites located across England and South Wales.

Clearing sites to a high standard

All vegetation clearance and spraying work is carried out by experienced, authorised and well qualified operatives.

Our staff are all well trained and have relevant certificates to operate power tools and NPTC qualifications to carry out spraying operations.

In addition to site clearance, all operatives are trained to work safely at all times.

Vegetation clearance work

Our substation vegetation clearance work (for electrical utility 11kv distribution sites) includes:

  • clearing vegetation from approach areas, paths, roadways etc
  • clearing along substation frontage
  • ensuring perimeter fencing is clear of weeds
  • inside substation ensure all vegetation overhang is cut back
  • all vegetation on substation walls/fences etc is cut down and cleared
  • all ground level leaf debris and fly tip rubbish is cleared away
  • all weeds/vegetation is strimmed and removed
  • any hedges trimmed back
  • site blanket sprayed with chemic and left in a neat and tidy condition